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On Board of Directors for Kids Community Dental Clinic

The Kids’ Community Dental Clinic mission is to improve the oral health of children from low income families with quality procedures, preventative treat-ments, and oral health education. 

Dental disease among children is preventable, yet it persists throughout the country in epidemic proportions. In order to address the progressive nature of dental disease, it is critical to build an oral health services delivery system for children that emphasizes early intervention and prevention, overcomes the financial, educational, cultural, geographic and psycho-social barriers to ser-vices, provides outreach, counseling, and education in a variety of settings, and assures access to early and continuous dental diagnostic, preventive and treat-ment services. We are dedicated to creating this system, and removing barriers to services through outreach, counseling and education to all patients.

President of California Athletic Soccer Club

California Athletic Soccer Club (CASC) is a 501c3 non-profit competitive and holistic soccer organization based in La Crescenta/Glendale and in the San Fernando Valley. Our mission is to foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth of our youth through the dynamic sport of soccer at all levels, age and competition.

The CASC Journey

Whether it is a players first time kicking a soccer ball, or finishing their youth-soccer experience before heading to college, California Athletic Soccer Club has only one promise/commitment;

“To Provide a Positive & Educational Soccer Learning Environment”

CASC provides a range of programming suitable for all levels of playing ability. Our ever growing knowledge base continues to drive our goal to provide cutting-edge curriculum and coaching methods. All of this enables us to deliver the best youth soccer experience possible.

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